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Watermelon Ice (Watermelon Sugar, Ice) - A big summer feeling. For those who love their icey refreshment as much as they love their sweetness!

Ultra Ice ( Ice up your Life) - The godfather of all ice flavours. Refreshment like you’ve never tasted before, the ultimate airwave opener.

Master Red ( Red Man Walkin”) - An infamous flavour that everyone tries to do, but only the select few get right. A combination of red berries and menthol that is the perfect balance of tasty and refreshing.

Master Blue ( Blue Monday) - The juiciest of blue berries fuse together with strong menthol creating this mouth-watering ice bomb of a flavour.

Blue Ice ( Blue Romance) - Blue Ice. A flavour as bold as the name suggests –Blueberry & Ice mint mixed create a refreshing and satisfying Blue Ice is flavour that never gets boring

Black Ice (Back to Black) - The seductive and mysterious mix of sweet liquorice and menthol create a flavour ideal for all day vaping. As tasty as it is cooling.


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