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Sticky Toffee Pudding (Toff the wall) - This belter of a flavour is a household classic. Sweet toffee pudding you simply cant go wrong with.

Salted Caramel Cookie (I should be so cookie) - The perfect level of sweet with the tiniest salty edge to it makes this an absolute mouth waterer. Youre not keeping you hand out the cookie jar with this around.

Rice Pudding ( Rice Rice Baby) - You don’t just like rice pudding, you absolutely love it. An absolute must have for all lover of this timeless pudding.

Lemon Tart (My tart will go on) - Sweet lemony goodness combines with sweet pastry to create a delicious nostalgic flavour. An absolute classic

Danish Swirl (Swirls Aloud)

Birthday Cake (Cake my breath away) - A flavour that makes every day your birthday? Yes please! Super sweet icing and fruit fusion that is a flavour our worth celebrating.

Apple Pie (hips don’t pie) - A timeless classic that no one can resist. Sweet cooking apples and buttery pastry is a combination for the ages.







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