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Some of these may be slightly past date 

Fresh strawberry jam lathered all over a crunchy toast base. The perfect balance of sweet fruit with a slight savoury crunch to create a delectable taste you will never tire of.

Warm stack of fluffy pancakes drowned in golden syrup. The ultimate breakfast indulgence that you won't be able to get enough of. 

Crunchy wheat cereal complimented by sweet fluffy marshmallows floating on a creamy milk base. The magical luck of the Irish makes this a flavour an absolute pot of gold.

Sweet creamy yoghurt combines with fresh fruit to make this the perfectly refreshing flavour to start your day off right.

Crunchy cereal flakes coated in sugar with a creamy base makes this the ultimate all day breakfast flavour. There’s no bad time for cereal right?

Who said the healthier choice doesn't taste better? Creamy oats mixed with Bananas and sweet honey makes for the perfect all day vape.

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