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Black Cherry and Raspberry by Slushie combines rich, dark cherries with sweet raspberries and blends them over ice for a cooling exhale.

Raspberry Bubblegum Slush by Slushie is achieved by layering raspberries over a bubblegum base and adding a cool slush style exhale. Simple yet extremely refreshing and enjoyable.

Sour Apple and Watermelon by Slushie feature the perfect marriage of flavours with a tangy twist. Apple and watermelon have been layered over ice and blended together with a tantalising sour exhale.

Mangosteen and Guava by Slushie is an exotic dream. Combining mangosteen, which has a flavour reminiscent of creamy peach, and adding notes of sweet guava with layers of ice at exhale.

Summer Slush by Slushie is taking summer fruits to a whole new level. Summer Slush is an overwhelming concoction that incorporates the perfect blend of summer fruits on inhale with an ice-cool lemonade exhale.

Strawberry slush Slushie has taken the classic Strawberry slush to a whole new level. Intricately layering ingredients to create an irresistible, strawberry ice kick upon inhale whilst the kiwi explodes exotic vibes on the tongue upon exhale.

Passion Fruits and Mangoes A juicy mix of Passion Fruits and Mangoes giving you the taste of the island lifestyle. What a perfect companion for a day basking in the warm tropical sun.

Cola Slush by Slushie is a cola ice pop that evolved into your all-day summer Vape. On a hot summers day, Cola Ice is a classic for soothing and cooling down your brain. What a perfect companion for a day basking in the scorching sun.

Bubblegum Slush is sweet simplicity at its finest. Relive your childhood memories as each inhale overwhelms your palate with an ultimate, sweet aroma equivalent to popping a fresh piece of bubblegum.

Blueberry Slush by Slushie is an overwhelming concoction of powerful blueberry and raspberry.  Fused with a mighty ice bomb, this incorporates the thrilling experience of the frozen tang.










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