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NRG Ice (Energy Drink): The electrifying taste of your favorite energy drink, chilled to perfection with a refreshing icy touch.

Pineapple Ice: A tropical paradise on ice, where the sweet tang of pineapple meets a frosty breeze.

Raspberry Pear: A delightful blend of juicy raspberries and the crisp essence of ripe pears.

Sour Apple: A mouth-puckering, sour apple flavor that tingles your taste buds with tartness.

Starfruit Kiwi: The exotic fusion of starfruit and kiwi, offering a unique and refreshing vape.

Lemon Lime: A zesty and refreshing combination of lemon and lime that invigorates your palate.

Grape Ice: A burst of grape goodness with a chilling twist of icy coolness.

Fresh Mint: The crisp, clean taste of mint that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Copper Cola: Classic cola flavor with a hint of nostalgia and effervescent charm.

Cherry Ice: Sweet cherry with a cooling ice element for a refreshing cherry experience.

Passion Fruit: The tropical allure of passion fruit, delivering a rich and exotic vaping sensation.

Blue Sour Raspberry: A tangy, sour twist on the classic raspberry flavor.

Blue Raspberry Lemon: The perfect balance of sweet blue raspberry and zesty lemon.

Blue Pomegranate: The deep, fruity richness of pomegranate with a blueberry twist.

Berry Lemonade: A delightful blend of mixed berries and tangy lemonade for a refreshing vape.




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