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Sweet Grape crushed and mixed with a generous helping of luscious strawberries. The Blitz Twist is a flavour you'll never bore of! 


This is  the peppermint blend that's a great all day vape. Hints of mints infused to perfection! Cane is the minty vape you need to try to appreciate! 


Pineapple rings have been thrown into the mix with delicious pears. Onslaught Blended up a storm here!



Fresh apples with a tinge of a sour bite and some watermelon to give a mouthwatering sweetness. Outbreak adds some magic that you won't want to put down!


Everyone loves a raspberry! Razor found the best you can get and dripped a few drops of blackcurrant just to play with the taste buds! Razor sharpness without the edges


Peach being the dominator here. Sweet, a pinch of sour and Rush may have added and a few drops of apricot just for the finishing touch!

  • 120ml bottle
  • 100ml shortfill e-liquid
  • 80/20 VG/PG


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