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Batternberg Slices - An unapologetically and uniquely british confection with a charming checkerboard sponge cake interior and jam-laced marzipan wrapping, Perfect for an all - day vape!

Manchester Tart - A staple on School dinner menus until the mid - 1980s, now in bottle form - Ready to Vape! Manchester Tart is an absolute delight consisting of shortcrust pastry shell, spread with raspberry jam , covered in creamy custard and topped with maraschino cherry! Yum!

Deep Fried Donut - Irresistible pastry fried to absolute airy perfection! This is a fresh, Homemade taste that trumps over the processed ones you usually consume!

Strawberry Donut - Gulp Treats' Strawberry Donut delivers incredibly buttery and tender donut that's coated in a sweet strawberry glaze! Genuinely delicious and satisfying!

Vanilla Donut - Soft, Fluffy Vanilla donut topped with glase and Sprinkles! There is no better way to start the day than with this sweet frosted donut!

Vicky Sponge - A faithful recreation of the beloved Victoria Sponge cake we all know! The lovely Buttery flavour with an open texture, sweet buttercream and a raspberry jam filling are all there in a nice, sweet little bottle!


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