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Rhubarb & Custard -   Reminisce the good ol' days with Gulp sweets' Rhubarb & Custard! A creamy Base with a hit of tangy Rhubarb, sure to make you jolly all throughout!

Fruit Salad -  Take a trip down memory lane with every puff of Fruit Salad! A classic mixed fruit flavoured sweet recreation that is really close to what you've enjoyed before!

Cola Cubes - Fantastic sweet taste of fizz Kola cube sweets that is packing with pure nostalgia!

Lemon Sherbet - Enjoy the nostalgic flavour of tangy Lemons with a big fizzy hit of sherbet! Sweet and wonderful!

BlackJack - If you're ever feeling down and need a quick way to cheer up, well look no further! Black Jack is a true distinct sweet aniseed taste of classic Black liquorice sweets sure to boost your spirits!

Drumstix - The nostalgic clamour of soft, chewy and slightly fruit drumstix sweets you can vape all day!


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