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Strawberry Chill - Fruity and rich Strawberry blend with an exhilirating kick of ice!

Blackcurrant Chill - Really intoxicating fragrance and fruitiness of Blackcurrant blended with heaps of subzero Ice! Truly a classic you should always have!

Lemon Lime Chill - The Citrus duo of Lemon and Lime for that perfect tangy and sweet taste, shocked with satisfying Menthol!

Blueberry Chill - Feeling Blue? Try GULP Cold's Blueberry chill blend! A tarty Blueberry sweetness with an icy, refreshing menthol finish, perfect for any time of the day!

Cherry Chill - Sweet and enticing flavour of Cherry with a splash of icy menthol! Go crazy with this variant as you go on your day!

Mixed Berry Chill - When Summer meets winter, you get Mixed Berry Chill! An ultra satisfying blend of Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry that will keep you refreshed!


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