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Georgie Porgie Blueberry Danish - 100ml

Sweet and sticky blueberry dessert. A generous serving of sweet and juicy blueberries on the inhale, with a subtle taste of a classic danish pastry on the exhale.

  • 70VG : 30PG
  • Blueberry, Pastry, Jam, Whipped Cream

Georgie Porgie Strawberry Puff Pastry Tart- 100ml

A beautifully crafted puff pastry, jam packed with fresh strawberry filling. Finished off with a drizzle of sweet and sticky strawberry syrup.

  • 70VG : 30PG
  • Strawberry, Pastry, Jam, Whipped Cream


Georgie Porgie - Raspberry Turnover 100ml

A fresh and flaky pastry, jam packed with raspberries. A true delight for any dessert lover.

  • 70VG : 30PG
  • Raspberry, Pastry, Jam, Whipped Cream



Georgie Porgie - Lemon Drizzle Velvet Cake 100ml

A delicate, fluffy and zesty eliquid packed with flavour.

With lashings of buttercream and tangy lemon this e-liquid wont make any of the girls cry!

  • 70VG : 30PG
  • Lemon, Buttercream, Cake

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