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Apple - Crisp green apples picked straight from the tree unleashing sweet and zesty juice this is a flavour perfect for all day vaping. ¡Muy fresco!

Orange - Juicy and tangy Spanish oranges bursting with classic sweet citrus flavour. Incredibly refreshing taste.

Limon - A blast of fresh zesty lemon on a hot summers day bursting with sweet and tangy juice that will have cooled and refreshed all day long.

Grape - Juicy Concord grapes picked freshly off la vid. Classic grape flavour fresher than you’ve ever tasted it before.

Cherry - Ripe Cherries picked fresh from the tree. Bursting with sweet classic cherry flavour this is an amazing tasting vape you simply won’t be able to get enough of. ¡Delicioso!

Peach - The juiciest peach en el árbol. Unleash a splash of mellow and slightly tangy peach flavour perfect for all day vaping.


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