Dovpo Ayce Series Pods

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Enhance your vaping with the DOVPO Ayce Series Mesh Pods, a dynamic pack of three precision-engineered pods designed for optimal performance.
With an emphasis on flavor, airflow, and seamless compatibility, these pods are a must-have for enthusiasts seeking an elevated vaping experience.


Key Features:

  1. Mesh Structure for Enhanced Flavor: Unleash the full potential of your favorite e-liquids with the advanced mesh structure of the Ayce Series Pods.
    Experience improved flavor delivery that tantalizes your taste buds with every draw.
  2. Dual Resistance Options: Tailor your vaping experience to perfection with two resistance options: 0.8ohm (13-18W) and 0.6ohm (15-25W).
    Whether you prefer a moderate vape or crave robust clouds, the Ayce Series Pods have you covered.
  3. 2ml Capacity for Extended Sessions: Enjoy extended vaping sessions without constant refills.
    The Ayce Series Pods boast a 2ml capacity, ensuring you have ample e-liquid to savor your favorite flavors.
  4. Improved Airflow Design: Elevate your airflow control with the Ayce Series Pods.
    Experience a smoother draw and enhanced vapor production, delivering a satisfying and immersive vaping experience.
  5. Magnetic Connection for Effortless Use: Simplify your pod replacement process with the magnetic connection feature.
    Effortlessly attach and detach pods for convenient and hassle-free vaping.
  6. Designed for Ayce Pro Pod Kits: Specifically crafted for compatibility with DOVPO Ayce Pro Pod Kits, these pods ensure a perfect fit and seamless integration.
    Enjoy consistent performance and enhanced features when pairing with Ayce Pro devices.

Packaging List:

3x DOVPO Ayce Pro Pods

These pods are compatible with oxva xslim

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