Soda King Old Skool Salts (Box of 10)

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A flavour as old as time itself that has never been more in fashion! Apple takes it rightful place as a true Old Skool classic!


Fresh and ripe red summer Berries that is both sweet and tasty, bringing you a simple yet effective Old Skool retro classic taste!

Cherry Affair-

Cherry's , berries, aniseed & Menthol beautifully fused together to create a wonderful lozenge style vape. Iconic in taste, timeless in popularity.


Retro sweets at their all time best! Liquorice and aniseed mixed with a mild spice gives you a true taste of your childhood, spanning every generation!

The Berg-

A modern day take on a true Old Skool Classic! Mixed red berries meet a cool menthol breeze for a legendary all day vape, the way it's always been!


This classic Blackcurrant cordial has been consumed since back in the day. Now crashing into present day for generations of vapers to enjoy once more!

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