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The Flavours

Blue Slush – Slush it up blue style with handfuls of fresh and juicy blueberries.  Slushed up for serious refreshment.

Cake Drip – Vape the cake.  Rip the drip.  Sweet and gooey cake batter dripped with strawberry sauce and fresh cream.

Cookie Monster – “C is for cookie.  That’s good enough for me.”  The taste of a freshly baked, gooey and warm cookie.

Creamy Bean  – You bought this for the name, didn’t you?  Crea,y vanilla beak milkshake.  Finished with a sprinkling of danish sugar.

Custard Doughnut – A flavour this good should cost more dough.  Deep-fried to delicious perfection, with sweet vanilla custard.

Danish Crunch  – Hands off Denmark… Daringly spiced warming cinnamon treat with a surprising undertone of crunch.

Fallen Angel – If an angel falls in the woods, does it make a sound?  A creamy, yet sinfully sweet strawberry ice cream.

Fizzy Cola – La-la-la-la Cola!   Original fizzy cola bottle flavour with that sour tang that you just can’t ignore!

Grape BubbleGum – Are you having a bubble?  Deliciously fresh purple grape juice crushed straight from the vine.

Handy Candy – Oompa Loompas should have been called Candy Handys.  This is a delightful mix of tasty candy.

Stifler’s Mum – Are you trying to seduce me?  Two layers of blonde biscuit stuffed full with sweet custard cream.

Strawberry Slider – Slide into these DMs… clotted cream and strawberry ice cream with thin and crispy wafers and a dusting of icing sugar.

Terry’s Berrys – This ain’t a Terry’s anymore… A smooth mus of all the ripest berries the forest has to offer.

Waffle Stack – Stacks of spongy waffles.  Topped with sweet golden syrup and a generous dollop of cream.

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