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Red & Black :

Nostalgia in a bottle! Super Sweet Raspberry and super juicy Blackcurrant gummy delights combine to create one of your childhood favourites !

Mr. Jack : 

A Sweetshop classic! A wicked infusion of Liquorice and Aniseed flood your taste buds finished off with a sweet sugary aftertaste.

Raspberry Sour : 

Tongue tingling raspberry chew bar with sparks of explosive fizz.... There's only one old school favourite sweet it could be!

Sour Strawberry Bubble gum :

Distinctive candy Bubble gum hits you from your first vape, sharply followed with a wicked twist of sour Strawberry to create a mouth watering blend of superior flavour !

Rhubarb & Custard :

Fresh Rhubarb with just a hint of sharpness, perfectly balanced by the rich luxuriousness of sweet, creamy Custard. Your taste buds will really zing to life when the two combine to make a truly classic boiled sweet come to life.




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