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The Flavours…

Blackcurrant Bubblegum – Balanced Blackcurrant with a slight bubblegum mixture if these are your go to flavours your going to love this one whats there not to love about blackcurrant and bubblegum,

Blue Raspberry Soda – We have all tried a blue Raspberry its very popular in the vaping industry but our blue raspberry soda comes with a exhilarating twist. Using the finest Malaysian concentrates this will make your mouth water. Blue raspberry inhale with a soda exhale your going to love this one.

Blue Nana Cookies – Stand out from the crowd with this amazing combination fresh bananas and blueberries with a slight cookie finish. An amazing combination that you need to try. Complex and delicious.

Berry Lemonade – Mixed berries with a lemonade fizz

Mango Peach – Smooth refreshing mango with a sweet ripe peach

Fruity Custard – Thick creamy custard followed by a rich and refreshing fruity blend.

Honeydew Vanilla Ice-cream – Show stopper. This flavour is to die for imagine vaping a thick american vanilla milkshake with a hint of honeydew. Wow its insane if you love creamy milkshakes your going to love this vape!!

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