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Fruit Zilla Flavours

Blue Raspberry Fizz

A mouth watering blue raspberry syrup with a satisfying fizz. These sweet blue raspberries have been hand picked from Western Alaska a rare find but one you will be delighted with. The flavour is immense and almost gives you a mix of a blue slush and sweet fruity e-liquid. Say hello to your new all day vape!

Cherry Fizz

Fresh Amarena Cherries blended into a fine e-liquid with a touch of fizz- just enough to get your tongue twisting but not overly complicating the flavours. These candy like cherries will have you bouncing for days! Cherry flavours are one of the hardest to replicate but Fruit Zilla has done a splendid job!

Green & Red Apple Fizz

A mesmerising mix of both green apples and red apples. The combination of both sweet and sour make this a refreshing vape but super addictive so be careful! The green apple flavour has been taken from the well loved Granny Smiths which are known for their rich sour taste. The red apples are precisely the Honeycrisp Apples- known for their potent sweet flavour. The latter flavour is slightly more so that the sourness does not overpower the juice. Give this a shot for sure!

Mango Fizz

Perfectly ripe mangoes with a touch of fizz. Mango fans eat your heart out! These mangoes have been bought in from central Asia known for their perfect sweetness and pure taste. Be carful the smell of these will linger in your house for days to come!

Mixed Berries Fizz

A secret recipe of sweet and tartish mixed berries. Blended smartly to produce an outstanding e-liquid flavour with the slightest touch of fizz. Once again a pleasurable flavour which will be a hit with any fruit fan.

120ml short fill


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