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Apple & Pear

Icy variants of apple and pear that somehow acclimated to the harsh Arctic tundras, enchanting them with an unbelievable level of coldness that is unparalleled!

 Frozen Blackcurrant

The juicy classic meets the frozen treatment with this wonderful rendition of the hall of famer, blackcurrant! Every inhale is a smooth fruity journey accompanied with the satisfying and cooling sensation that’ll make you shiver in appreciation!

 Glacial Grape

The ultimate testament to the freezing ambient temperatures of the pole’s towering glaciers with an infused touch of the freshly picked off the vine speciality!

 Mango Frost

A tropical stow-away on a ship bound to the Antarctica, this mango blend from DK Ice boasts both fruity and frosty goodness that gives a good chilly kick in every puff!

Strawberry & Watermelon On Ice

A powerful duo of strawberry and watermelon  shocked with plenty of ice for an experience you’ll never forget!

 Sub Zero Blue Sour Raspberry

Submerged in the sub-zero temps of the Arctic ocean, this blue sour raspberry flavour is a definite must-have for those gifted with “frozen lungs”!

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