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Blackcurrant Menthol - Blackcurrant with a Minty Aftertaste

Ice Menthol - A refreshing Menthol

Banana Ice - A delicious Banana flavour with a sweet Icy Hit

Mango Ice - A refreshing Exotic Mango with a Icy Hit

Mixed Berries Ice -  A Tasty blend of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry with a cool hit

Blue Ice - Blueberry with an Icy twist 

Lychee Ice - Refreshing Lychee with a delicious cool , Icy hit

Blue Berg - A tasty Combination of Blueberry and menthol

Watermelon Breeze - Mouth watering Watermelon with an Icy Breeze

Havana Gold - A classic Tobacco flavour. Similar to the Cuban cigar with it's strong flavour of Tobacco creating a robust and smoky taste.

Cuban Creme - A Classic Cuban tobacco, recreating a handmade cigar flavour With earthy and woody flavours. Added with a hint of sweet vanilla Creme

Virginia - A delicious sweet and earthy Rolling Tobacco Flavour

Cigarette - A Tasty cigarette Flavour

Vanilla -  Delicious creamy vanilla Flavour

Blueberry Pomegranate - A tasty Combination of fresh blueberries and exotic Pomegranate

Blackcurrant - Sweet Blackcurrant

Blue Raspberry - Tangy and sweet blend of Blue Raspberry

Mixed Berries - A Tasty fruit medley of strawberry, blackcurrant and blueberry

Strawberry - Refreshing sweet Strawberry

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