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Sherbet Lemon tastes just like the old time-favourite classic Sherbet Lemon sweets. Sweet tangy Lemon with a fizzy kick this is a super tasty and refreshing eEuice.

Rhubarb and custard a nostalgic combination sweet mellow custard and tangy rhubarb. A candy flavour you can vape all day!

A flavour that will blast you into the stratoshpere and tantalise your tastebuds with a nebula of sweet flavours. A vape that will have you tasting the full colour spectrum

Sweet and tangy pear drops coated in thick sugar perfect for all day vaping.

Sweet and slightly classic cola flavour that fizzes all over your tastebuds with delicious taste.

Drumstix Lollies, a deliciously sweet candy classic, and a brilliant reminder of a childhood favourite! Another absolute must taste!

Some of these may be past its Expiry date 



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