Kangaroo Kustard

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Cinnamon Sugar Crunch Custard

Cinnaroo by Cloud Thieves! It delivers a delicious vape with freshly ground cinnamon

combined with thick vanilla custard producing a rich, creamy flavour that will have you coming back for more.


Strawberry Vanilla Custard

A classic Strawberry Vanilla twist. Fresh Strawberries blended in with our Vanilla cream base is what keeps THE ROO a favourite amongst all.


Vanilla Custard Cookie Cake

The delicate fluffy aroma of Kangaroo Kustard will immediatley have you wanting more.

Cream and Kustard notes with a cookie cake base is what gives this award winning flavour.


Strawberry Cinnamon Custard

Pretty much a great mix of strawberries & cinnamon for a perfect custardy juice!

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