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Nas Hii by Fugu combines deep, juicy Blueberries with sweet ripe Pear with a very low level of Koolada to give a slight cooling effect to  give a true fresh fruity flavour.

Rai Chi by Fugu is an incredible flavour which brings deep, Dark Fruits including, black Cherry, Blackcurrant, Blackberries and more with sweet and light Lychee and a light cooling effect to give a fresh fruit blend.

Aoi Mo by Fugu is a beuatiful blend of sweet, mouthwatering Peach combined with tangy Blue Raspberry with a hint of Japanese ice to give a fresh feeling.

Ich Igo by Fugu is a glorious combination of sweet Strawberries with juicy Pears with a zesty Lime twist and a slight cooling effect to give a fresh feel to this flavour.





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