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BLUE RAPTOR’S – What does blue taste like? This of course, blue slushy and blue candy fans rejoice.

MASHED MANGO A prominent super sweet Indian mango hit perfectly balanced with a slightly tart edge

THE HOBBIT – Is much like a mouth watering lemon drizzle but with much more of a zesty lemon ZING!

Bone of blackcurrant – The juiciest, tastiest, fruitiest, blackcurrant nic salt around

Boneless Blue Chill – A strong hit of dark berry and candy berry fruits with a blast of cold menthol and aniseed.

GOLDEN EGG YOGURT  A creamy yoghurt base with a sweet apricot compote, all mixed up in to a super smooth high strength liquid

Please not these come loose SOLD IN BUNDLES OF 10

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