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Chewberry E Liquid is hands down, one of the fruitiest, sweetest and best vapes of all times. With a flavour that is sure to brighten up anyone’s day with bubblegum, strawberry, passion fruit, grapefruit and candy, this stunning E Liquid is sure to get your taste buds to dance. The best part is that the Cosmic Fog Chewberry E Liquid is a deliciously sweet vape with tangy notes, which means it has something for everyone.


CHILL'D TOBACCO twist on a classic tobacco flavour, Chill’d Tobacco by Cosmic Fog takes a bold tobacco base and incorporates a peppermint throughout for a refreshing zing, whilst chocolate notes appear on the exhale for a bittersweet aftertaste.


Kryp is a sweet yet refreshing blend of melon, with a candy exhale. Reminiscent of watermelon Jolly Ranchers, Kryp is the perfect vape for a sweet tooth.


Milk & Honey by  is a sweet and smooth e-liquid that creates a vaping experience lighter than air. Combining sweet marshmallows with creamy milk and a hint of honey for added sweetness, this e liquid will transport you to the land of milk & honey.


SONRISE This unique take on a frozen Hawaiian drink will take you to a sun soaked morning on the big island. Sweet and savoury passion fruit blended with smooth, exotic kiwi and pineapples. All it takes is one hit to know this will be your new all day fruit vape. It will leave you searching for all the hidden flavours until the sun comes back up.


SONSET A vape that can transport your body and soul to a spring time Fiji sunset. We started with a purée of Japanese Nashi pears and blended it with a French inspired Crème brûlée. The closely guarded recipe is then topped off with a generous portion of soft salted caramel.


THE SHOCKER A tart, fruity blend that takes lemonade as its base flavour, The Shocker blends together its lemonade base with a medley of mango, apple & strawberry to create a sweet, tart e liquid that will 'shock' you and leave you wanting more.



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