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  • Black – Vanilla cupcakes with sweet sugary sprinkles on top
  • Blue – Refreshing blue razz slush
  • Blueberry Cinnamon – Ripe blueberries with sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Green – Cookies smothered in cookie butter with slices of apple
  • Orange – A delicious mix of orange, mango and citrus
  • Pink – Refreshing lemonade mixed with red fruits
  • Purple – A delightful grape bubblegum
  • Red – Sweet strawberry candy
  • Watermelon – A sweet and ripe watermelon flavour
  • White – Amazing marshmallows and graham crackers
  • Pink Gummy –  Watermelon and Strawberry Gummy
  • Yellow – Fresh ripe Mangos
  • Brown – A Caramel Tobacco
  • Blue on Ice  –  Blue razz slush on ice
  • Pink Gummy on Ice  –  Watermelon and Strawberry Gummy On Ice
  • Purple on Ice –  A delightful grape bubblegum on Ice
  • Orange on Ice –  A delicious mix of orange, mango and citrus on Ice
  • Red on Ice – Sweet strawberry candy on Ice
  • Watermelon on Ice – A sweet and ripe watermelon on Ice

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